The final meal in India... for now

Here is a picture of the last meal that I had in India. It is called Special Fride Rice. Nope, no typo there, just creative spelling. Anyways, it is a mixture of a bunch of different types of fried rice and it was one of my favorite meals in India. I was hoping to find a copper pot like the one pictured, but I wasn't able to find one while I was in India this time. Maybe next time. I know that I will return to India someday as I loved my experience here so much. I met so many people that I will stay in contact with as we continue our world bike trip. I hope to see them again someday in Canada, and will likely come to visit them here in India someday in the future.

I am sitting in the Chennai International Airport right now and we are waiting to check-in for our flight. We spent the morning packing up our bags, and then went to lunch with our relative Mr. Varadan. We then followed him as he was a 'follow me mo-ped' that led us to the airport. For the past two hours we have been deconstructing our bicycles and strapping our bags together. In total, we are able to have four bike bags, five checked bags and then five carry-on bags plus my travel guitar. Our flight is at 10:15 PM tonight and we will be arriving to Bangkok, Thailand around 3 AM in the morning local time there. Hopefully everything goes smoothly through the airport, and we are thankful that everything has worked out so far. I'm sure that everything will work out, but sometimes there can be little hold ups that can get annoying.

We will be spending about a week in Bangkok with my parents' old friends from Camp Mishawaka. We plan to meet with some of their friends that have traveled a bit through Southeast Asia by bicycle and they will hopefully help us create a plan for a route from Bangkok to Hong Kong. As for now, I am going to complete a few English assignments for school while we wait for our flight. I will keep you posted in the next few days about my first impressions of Thailand. I am really excited to travel through another country, but also sad to leave India as I love it here so much. I posted a bunch of photos from the past few weeks in India on the India page so feel free to check that out!

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