About my family and the trip

My name is Sampson McFerrin and I am the eldest son of a family of five. My parents, Rick (50) and Tanya (48) McFerrin, have always had a passion for traveling and we have visited many counties throughout my life on many different excusions. I have two younger brothers named Markos (15) and Tarn (13). In 2009 our family biked from Calgary, Canada to Mexico City, Mexico and back. We in general have a love for traveling by bicycle and I am extremely excited to keep a blog during this next year long journey. I am 16 years old and this will be my blog as my family bike north eastern Europe, Asia and Japan. 


So far we have biked from Tromsø, Norway and after a few flights and quite a few other countries, have ended up in Fukuoka, Japan. We started by going from Norway, down the border of Sweden and Finland to Tornio, Finland. We then took a train to Helsinki, Finland, so that dad could recover from a foot infection. When he got better we took a ferry to visit Saint Petersburg, Russia and visited the city for three days. From there we took two ferrys to Tallinn, Estonia. We biked through the Baltics and spent a few days in Riga, Latvia. We then biked through Latvia and across the Polish border. After a wonderful trip through Poland, we took a train from Krakow to Budapest, Hungary. From there we flew to Mumbai, India and spent two months biking through India. We finished our 60 day India visa in Chennai and flew to Bangkok, Thailand. We then biked through Thailand, Cambodia, South Vietnam, Laos, North Vietnam and we ended our trip through Southeast Asia in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. On May 2nd, we flew from Hanoi to Fukuoka, Japan. From there, we did a three-week loop through Kyushu, the south island of Japan. We then biked across Honchu until we headed south onto the island of Shikoku, in which we resumed our journey east. After a few weeks of biking and a few ferrys, we have arrived to Odawara, a town that is not too far away from Tokyo. We plan to do a bit of a loop included Fuji and a few other places before ending our Japan trip in Tokyo. After that, we are planning to fly to Vancouver, Canada and bike back to our hometown in Calgary. Again, this plan is a rough draft and things may change during the trip. 

Updated 6/15/2018

Our Family

From left to right: Markos, rick (Dad), Tanya (Mom), Sampson and Tarn

From left to right, Tanya (47), Tarn (13), Rick (50), Markos (15) and myself, Sampson (17)