A little cramped but very doable

We arrived in Budapest, Hungary this morning by train. The last 24 hours have been quite hectic but amazing none the less. It started at about 6 pm last night when we left our apartment in Krakow. From there we rode over to the train station. After about an hour and a half we had taken all of our bikes apart and packed them into our bike bags. I have added a photo of what my bike looked like before I zipped up the bag. We waited for another couple hours for the train and at about 10:30pm it showed up at the platform. The craziest part of last night was the process of fitting everything in our small train compartment. We had to do a bit of thinking and moving, but after a bit we were able to fit one bike under each of the bottom bunks. There were three bunks on each side of the compartment and we had reserved five of them. We then fit the other two bikes on one of the top bunks accompanied by the rest of our bags. It was a little cramped but very doable. At about 8:00am we arrived in Budapest and we were glad to see that it was going to be a beautiful day. It was going to be quite a haul to get all of our bags and bikes into a taxi so we decided to build our bikes and then head out. We were able to find another air BNB in downtown Budapest so we were not far.

After we had moved in our friends Jackie and Jonny, with their baby son Aspen (Buckshot) arrived. They have been travelling through Europe for the past month or so and we were fortunate to meet up with them during their travels. It’s great to finally see somebody from Calgary that we have known for a while. We all walked around Budapest for the rest of the afternoon. Budapest. Is. So. Beautiful. Everything is so grand and I was in awe for the entirety of our walk. I have added some of the photos I took during our walk. We also saw some really interesting street art and I loved to be in a city once again. Although Krakow was amazing, Budapest is quite a bit larger and we are in a more modern part of the city here. Anyways, I am super happy to be spending a week here and I think it will be super interesting to learn more about Budapest and get to visit the city a bit. As well, it is super nice to see some friends again and then my friend Timo and his family will be here for the weekend.

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